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  • What project would you like to see happening in our community?

Junior Youth Groups

Junior Youth Empowerment Programs build skills in those youth aged 11-15 years old.  With a focus on spiritual and moral discourse, study, and service projects we look to develop the character and potential of these Junior Youth.

Examples of Community Service Projects in

Whatcom County

 Children's Classes promote spirituality and a knowledge of God while focusing  on developing virtuous character through actions and treatment of others.

Children's Classes

The Bahá’í Faith

in Birch Bay, WA


      Principles of the Bahá’í Faith

~The oneness of humankind
~ Independent investigation of truth
~The common foundation of all religions
~Service to humanity
~The harmony of science and religion
~Equality of men and women
~Elimination of prejudice of all kinds
~Universal compulsory education
~The prosperity of humankind
~A universal auxiliary language